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Keeping your house in working order is no easy feat; in today’s world of instant demand and immediate gratification, you need to do everything you can to keep up. As the times change, so does the equipment you rely on to keep your house safe and your family warm. Something as simple as having hot or cold water at the ready can be a huge breath of fresh air for anyone in need of a shower. That is why the benefits of tankless water heaters cannot be understated. Being able to switch between hot and cold water instantly is a transformative experience and one you should install in your home right now.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Today, we’ll review the biggest boons of tankless water heaters in Los Angeles.

You Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Tankless water heaters are ENERGY STAR rated, meaning they use incredibly small amounts of energy compared to traditional water heating tanks. Instead of having a huge heating tank in your garage or storage closet, you can instead opt for a tankless system, which can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in utilities every year.

Current research shows that tankless water heaters can save up to 50% more energy than older tank heaters. Depending on your current energy usage, this can be a great way to shave off a few extra dollars each month.

You Get Instant Hot Water

With most water systems, you need to wait a few minutes for the water to become hot. This is because the water tank needs to heat up, which requires a lot of energy. Tankless water heaters allow you to get hot water instantly because it only heats up when it needs to. You don’t need to wait or perform any extra steps to get hot water coming out of your sink.

You’ll Save on Maintenance Costs

Most traditional water tanks need to be serviced at least once per year. Instead of having to follow the lengthy steps to maintain your water heater, you can reach out to your local plumbers and ask about trenchless, tankless water services. While it is still a good idea to get ahold of your local maintenance pros every year for an inspection, your tankless heater might not need maintenance as often as an older water heater would. For the most part, you can enjoy much simpler cleaning procedures and nearly hands-free maintenance.

You Can Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Traditional tank heaters have a lifespan of about 8 – 10 years. The older they get, the more maintenance they require, making them far too costly to keep up with. When you install a tankless heater, you are almost doubling the life expectancy of your water services, with most tankless options lasting for more than 10 years. Just make sure to keep up with a routine maintenance schedule so your water system continues to work flawlessly.

You’ll Open Up Tons of Space

Water heating tanks are huge and clunky, taking up quite a bit of space in whatever room they are installed in. Those living in apartments may have an entire closet taken up by the water heater, while homeowners are forced to put a giant tank in their garage. Imagine instead having that space to use for storage, or to decorate it however you’d like. With tankless water heaters, there is far less clutter you have to worry about.

Get Tankless Water Heaters Today

New Generation Plumbing offers top-rated sewer and rooter services to residents of Los Angeles. From general plumbing maintenance to comprehensive assessments, we can give you an accurate picture of the state your home is in. If you are looking to upgrade to a newer water heating option that doesn’t take up space and saves tons of money on energy costs, you might be a perfect fit for our brand-new tankless heating option. Get in touch with us today to learn more!