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Serious plumbing problems can be expensive, damaging, and downright disgusting. They should be avoided at all costs. So let’s look at how to avoid sudden plumbing problems.

Luckily, plumbing disasters are pretty easy to avoid as long as you understand the basic maintenance that goes into keeping all of the pipes in your home working efficiently. If you aren’t too handy, then scheduling an annual inspection with a professional plumber is a great way to stay on top of any minor repairs. In fact, an annual inspection is usually a good idea, regardless. That being said, a year is a long time, so it’s important to take care of your pipes in between by putting just a few new habits into practice. These tips are a great way to get started.

How to Avoid Sudden Plumbing Problems?

Below are our tips for how to avoid sudden plumbing problems. But, if you do have a problem, our emergency rooter services are here for you. From leak fixes to burst pipes, our emergency plumbing services will set everything in order.

Always Use a Drain Cover

Hair is your drain’s worst nightmare. It gets snagged along small irregularities in your pipes made by hard water and grease. This allows shampoo, conditioner, and hard soap fragments to get stuck along the way. Without regular cleaning, hair can create a serious clog that requires professional intervention.

Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

It’s a tempting quick-fix, but it’s something your plumber really wishes you would stop using. Liquid drain cleaners are capable of clearing minor clogs, but in a lot of cases they don’t actually remove them. The cleaner might partially clear the blockage or push it further down the pipe, leading you to buy another bottle just a few months down the line. To make matters worse, the harsh chemicals used are terrible for our environment and your pipes.

Keep Cooking Oils and Grease Out of the Sink

You might be grossed out by your mom keeping a bucket of bacon grease and canola oil under the sink, but she actually has the right idea. Grease might go down easily at first, but it coats your pipes and then congeals as its temperature returns to normal. Over time, the layer of grease gets thicker and thicker, eventually leaving you with a major clog.

Have Leaks Fixed ASAP

Any minor leak you see could indicated a much more serious problem to come. It is always better to get them fixed as soon as you can rather than waiting to find out which pipe has a leak. Additionally, even a small leak can add onto your water bill in a big way, so there are a lot of reasons to just bring in a professional at the first sign of trouble.

Don’t Flush Anything Questionable

Your toilet is only designed to process human waste and toilet paper. Frankly, even that can be too much for your toilet at times. You should never throw paper, feminine products, diapers, cat litter, or any other form of waste unless you want to cause a serious plumbing issue almost immediately.

Be Wary of Freezing Conditions

If you live in an area that ever experiences freezing conditions, it is important to protect your pipes accordingly. An exterior pipes that protrude out of the ground, such as a hose spigot, should be wrapped in foam insulation. It is also advisable to leave a small drip running on these pipes, as the moving water will prevent freezing. Without taking precautions, you risk frozen pipes that could easily burst.

Following these tips will decrease the chance that you experience a serious plumbing problem, but there’s never any guarantee that something won’t go wrong. These things just happen sometimes, and we have to respond and move forward to the best of our ability. Fortunately, your local emergency plumber is more than ready for whatever challenge you face.