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No one can deny that sewer lines perform an essential service, but most of us really don’t like to think about them much. People are easily put off by the fact that they are used to transport human waste. However, being able to discreetly and effectively remove waste is absolutely necessary to keep our homes clean and safe. So when a main sewer line becomes blocked it’s a serious issue that requires an immediate fix. Without professional help, the blockage will gradually allow sewage to completely fill your pipes until they actually begin to overflow.

Fortunately, it starts small. You may notice a little extra water bubbling up out of your sink or tub. The overflow will always coincide with another action that attempts to release more waste water into the main line. You might turn on your dishwasher or flush the toilet. But since that water has no place to go, it gets forced up along other parts of the system, back into your home. However, what begins as a little extra water can easily evolve into a really disgusting situation. It is always a good idea to call the best sewer services Highland Park has to solve the problem.

Steps to Fixing a Main Sewer Line Blocked

Call the Professionals

It may be tempting to try to fix the problem yourself. But if it is the main sewer line then you will not be able to reach the blockage without professional equipment. Don’t wait until your home is filled with sewage. New Generation Plumbing will send out an expert Highland Park plumber team to evaluate your sewer troubles and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Do Not Put Any More Pressure on the System

To avoid making things worse, do everything you can to limit water usage in your home until help arrives. Try not to flush the toilet, run the washer, use the sink, or anything else that would put water or waste back down a drain. The more pressure you put on the system, the more back-up you are going to see. To simplify the process, you may just shut the water off to your home.

Keep all Household Members Away from Contaminated Areas

If you are seeing the first signs of sewage back-up, it is imperative that all family members, including pets are kept far away. The water coming back up your drains is not clean. It’s filled with bacteria and other contaminants that could potentially be harmful. Remember that all your waste is sent down the main sewer line, and now all of it is coming back up. You don’t want anyone touching it.

Finding the Clog in a Main Sewer Line Blocked

When your plumber arrives, their first order of business is to assess the situation. They may use and auger and a high-pressure hose to attempt to clear it without further inspection. If these options don’t work, then a camera will be sent down to identify the root of the problem. Ironically, tree roots are one of the most common causes of sewer line blockages, especially in older neighborhoods. Once your plumber finds the source of the clog, they will be able to determine what needs to be done to fix it. And whether it your responsibility or the local sanitation department’s responsibility.

Given the complexities involved in appropriately diagnosing and fixing a blocked sewer main, this is not a project that should be done by an amateur. Even a minor error could lead to a serious back-up of sewage into your home, which can be very costly to clean up and often results in replacing all of your flooring. Don’t risk waking up to the smell of sewage because your cat learned to flush the toilet. Call the professionals the first time.