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Everything has an expiration date, and your pipes are no different. As long as they are regularly inspected and maintained you can expect PVC to last 25-40 years, copper to last 70-80 years, and galvanized steel to last between 80 and 100 years. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Years of neglect or failure to maintain these plumbing systems may result in a much shorter lifespan. Therefore, if you’re purchasing a pre-owned home, you should order a thorough inspection of the plumbing and prepare yourself for replacing the pipes sooner rather than later.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Pipes

In any case, you will want to replace your pipes before they cause serious problems. Just one burst pipe could waterlog your walls, floors, and furniture resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Fortunately, you can prevent all of that simply by keeping an eye on your pipes and scheduling a professional inspection every two years. Here are the most common indications that it’s time to call New Generation Plumbing services in Highland Park.

Water Discoloration

Some communities have discolored water caused by poor local management or wells, but if you don’t normally have discolored water then any change is a clear cause for concern. In most cases you’ll notice a reddish-brown tinge. This is usually an indication that part of your plumbing has rusted or corroded in some other way.

The minerals left behind in your water may be harmful, but that isn’t all. Any form of rust or corrosion means that your pipes have been compromised. Depending on the stage of the damage, the affected pipes could break at any point. To be safe, it is usually best to turn off your water main and contact an emergency plumber to evaluate the situation.

Loss of Water Pressure

If your household usually has low water pressure, then it may not be cause for immediate concern. When the problem is consistent, it is likely the result of a poorly designed system, which you can fix by having your plumbing redone. However, if your water pressure suddenly drops, you should turn off your water main and contact an emergency plumber.

A sudden drop in water pressure is typically a symptom of a major leak or broken pipe. Depending on the location of the affected pipe it could be hours and even days before you notice the leak in your home. During that time there is no telling what could be damaged. Once the leak has been located and the pipes have been replaced, make sure you carefully dry the affected areas to prevent mold from developing in hidden places within your home.

Visible Damage

Most newer homes don’t have visible pipes, but those built around the mid-20th century and earlier usually do. You can have a look at these pipes to help you assess the possible condition of the rest of the plumbing in your home. When it comes to hidden plumbing, be on the lookout for visible damage.

Visible damage isn’t always a pipe bursting in Highland Park. It could be a slow drip of water in the cabinet below the sink or the early signs of corrosion. Either way these visible signs of damage don’t necessarily require an emergency plumber as long as they’re mild. Even so, you should schedule to have a plumber come visit as soon as possible. And you may consider turning off your water while you’re at work and while you sleep.

Paying attention to these signs could save you serious damage to your home, so keep an eye out and schedule your routine inspections to keep your home going strong.