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Gas leaks are among some of the scarier things that can occur in your home, especially since some of them can go undetected for quite some time. From an upswing in energy bill costs to severe dips in performance, there are many dangerous effects that stem from a broken or leaky gas line. Watch out for these signs your gas lines need repair.

Signs Your Gas Lines Need Repair

When any of these situations occur, it’s important to get in touch with your rooter services in Highland Park right away. Our experts can help you identify the most imminent signs your gas lines need repair so you can get connected with the services you need right away. Take stock of the below causes of gas line damage and get in touch with us if you suspect a gas leak in your home.

Whirring or Hissing Sounds

If gas is escaping from your lines, it may sound like air escaping a pipe. You will hear hissing that will get louder the larger the leak is. Hissing is a big sign that you are dealing with a gas leak and you must get the issue repaired ASAP. Leaky gas could cause damage to both your property and your health.

Trouble with Gas Pressure

You may notice that there isn’t enough gas pressure for you to live comfortably with. Leaky gas can cause your stove, water heater, or other gas-powered appliances in your home to not produce as much as they normally would. If you notice that certain things are not functioning up to par, you might want to get in touch with your local power repair experts to see where the source of the leak is.

Sudden Plant Death

Another interesting symptom of a leaky gas pipe is dying houseplants. Keep an eye on your houseplants and your vegetation if you are curious about the state of your gas pipes in your home. If there’s a leak, your plants may suffer by getting weaker and even dying off. If you can’t seem to keep your plants alive, it’s not because you don’t have a green thumb – there may be a gas leak present!

Be Aware of Health Issues Due to Leaky Gas!

Leaking gas is difficult to detect, but it can have some devastating effects on your health. If you are going through some changes in your health and you aren’t sure why, then you might be breathing in unhealthy air in your home.

A gas leak can cause symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Trouble breathing
  • Headaches and brain fog

There are a few things you can do to clear the air while you wait for a repair professional to fix your leaky gas pipes. If you suspect you might have a gas leak, try to open a window to ventilate the space as best as you can. You don’t need to locate or fix the gas leak yourself; instead, you should turn off appliances and unplug devices that may be interacting with the gas in the air. You and your family should steer clear of the home for a while until the problem is taken care of.

Get Professional Repiping ASAP

New Generation Plumbing offers cutting-edge services and products to help you get your gas lines back in tip-top shape. If you suspect that you are dealing with a gas leak, get in touch with any one of our experts today for the best gas repiping services in Highland Park. Small leaks can be difficult to notice, but they can quickly grow larger until they become a detriment to your home. Take care of your health and your home with top-notch repiping services that can save you from detrimental damage in the long run.