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When do you need an emergency plumber? Well, in a perfect world, we would all have our plumbing inspected every two years. A regular inspection schedule is, by far, the easiest way to catch issues before they become serious enough to warrant an emergency visit from your plumber. However, life happens to all of us. Whether you forgot to schedule an inspection or you were simply unlucky enough to have a major problem crop up in between inspections, there will always be people who find themselves wondering if it’s time to schedule an emergency visit from their local plumber.

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When Do You Need an Emergency Plumber?

Regarding what is an appropriate reason for calling an emergency plumber, it relies primarily on common sense. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide if you should ask for an emergency plumber to visit.

The facilities in your home are unusable.

If your plumbing failure is preventing you and your family from being able to stay clean or relieve themselves, then that is an emergency situation. Sure, if one of your two toilets isn’t functioning, you’ll be fine for a few days waiting for an appointment. What you don’t want is to have you or your family relying on a neighbor’s hospitality or another awkward situation that is unlikely to be reliable for days at a time. In these situations, it is a much better idea to ask for an emergency service appointment.

There’s flooding.

You should always call an emergency plumber if you’re experiencing flooding. A little leakage around the toilet bowl or tub doesn’t typically require an emergency visit. However, if you have any water flowing out of any part of your plumbing, there eventually will not be enough towels in the world to save your flooring. Turn off your water main, and call an emergency plumber.

You smell gas.

Plumbers don’t just handle the pipes that provide you with access to fresh water. They also specialize in the copper pipes that provide natural gas to your home. This situation is very serious. If you have family members in the home, ask them to evacuate. If they are able, have one of the evacuated family members call the fire department. In the meantime, turn off the main gas connection to your home and open the windows. You should then immediately evacuate yourself. If the fire department has already been called, your next step is to call an emergency plumber.

Sewage is backing up into your home.

You will smell it before you see it, and you do not want it to get any worse. In most cases, sewage will only back up into your home if the main line is blocked or if your septic tank is failing. Other than the ever-present stench, you may notice that flushing a toilet causes back-up in another part of your home. If sewage is backing up into your sinks or tub, then call your emergency plumber. Do not use a shower, toilet, sink, dishwasher, clothes washer, or anything else with a connection to your plumbing until the issue is resolved.

You may not always have a cut and dry case for an emergency visit. In these cases, weigh the severity of the issue. If your family can continue living their lives with only minor inconvenience, then feel free to schedule a regular appointment with your local plumbing contractor. On the other hand, if you are worried that the issue might be more serious, give your plumber a call. Describe the problem to their staff and allow them to help you decide whether their emergency plumbing service is necessary.