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A lot of people make the core mistake of assuming that plumbing is just pipes and water. As a result, tons of DIY-ers get themselves into heaps of trouble by jumping into a plumbing project with little to no planning. To help prevent you from making the same mistakes, we’ve compiled this nifty guide to list out the most common and most damaging worst plumbing mistakes you’re likely to make.

Worst Plumbing Mistakes to Make

Ideally, reading through this list will help you dodge the most dangerous pitfalls during your next project, but it won’t make you a plumbing expert. If you’re at all unsure about your ability to do the job right, then remember to always call a professional. It’s better to bring in people who will get the job done correctly the first time rather than risking your home. Your local service offers 24-hour plumbing help, so you won’t even have to wait long.

Not Turning the Water Off

This is a horrifyingly common mistake that can easily result in the most expensive re-enactment of the monsoon scene from Jumanji. Before you even touch the first pipe involved in your DIY project, you have to turn off the water. Many kitchens and bathrooms have local shut-off valves, but it is usually safest to just turn your water off at the main line. If you fail to turn off the water before starting your project, you could potentially cause water damage to your entire home.

Mismatching Thread Fittings

In order for your plumbing to work properly, ever piece has to be properly fitted to the next corresponding section. Unfortunately, people mismatch pieces all of the time. Before you start your project make sure you know what kinds of pipes you have because any new parts need to match the existing plumbing. You also need to make sure you have the right thread fittings otherwise you’re likely to see leaks, corrosion, and other issues resulting in expensive repairs down the line.

Using Drain Cleaner Too Frequently

When you’re dealing with clogged drains, it can be tempting to just grab drain cleaner the next time you’re at the store. With a little time and a kettle of boiling water, you can usually clear your drain or at least push the blockage further down the pipe. The problem is that these products contain highly corrosive chemicals that can do serious damage to your pipes over time. It is far better to use a drain snake or to call a local plumbing service to take care of the issue without chemicals.

Skipping Primer

You can’t just glue two pipes together and assume you will get a perfect seal. Primer is necessary because it strips away dust and debris while actively softening the outer layer of plastic. This allows the two pieces to literally fuse together once the glue is applied, giving you the complete seal you need for your plumbing job to last. Now, there are some glues that do contain a priming element, so just make sure you’re reading your labels and have all the necessary components for the job.

Using Too Much Force

Plumbing requires a measure of finesse. A little elbow grease can help with making sure that everything remains properly tightened. But it is definitely possible to overdo it. Whenever you’re doing a new plumbing job, follow the directions to the letter to make sure you aren’t forcing pieces that don’t fit together or putting the right pieces under too much strain.

Messing with the Main Line

When it comes to your main line, you need professional help. That way you can avoid these worst plumbing mistakes to make. There are too many things that can go wrong, and it could affect your entire neighborhood. If you need a mainline repair in Highland Park, call New Generation Plumbing to have the issue resolved quickly without any extra fuss.