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Most homeowners experience a plumbing issue in their home at some point in life. A minor leak or drainage problem may be possible to fix yourself with the proper tools. Most plumbing problems, however, require a professional plumber with tools that are specially designed for these tasks. Before you try to fix something on your own, make sure to assess the problem thoroughly. Is this something you can easily do yourself without damaging any other parts? Or does this call for a professional plumbing contractor in Pasadena? If a task seems easy enough to accomplish alone, you’ll want to have the proper tools at the ready. Here are some essential plumbing tools to help you get the job done.

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A wrench is one of the best tools to have at the ready for any fix around the house. Not all wrenches are created equal, so be sure to have a variety to choose from to complete specific tasks.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is great for avoiding any slippage while working because they have a tight-fitted setting that grips the part in place, freeing up your hands. It also works well for compression fittings or parts that have a hexagonal shape. It’s best to have two sizes of adjustable wrenches at the ready, a smaller and a bigger one, as the size of nuts and bolts can widely differ from project to project.

Basin Wrench
A basin wrench is a great tool to have to fit into narrow, deep spaces — which is a lot of what plumbing entails. Like the other wrenches, it tightens and loosen nuts, but is unique because it can get into those hard to reach places such as under sinks and tricky faucets.

Pipe Cutting

For cutting and fitting pipes, there are three essential tools to have on hand:

A hacksaw is one of the strongest ways to cut through pipes. Not only does it cut through metal and plastic, but it will also cut through most screws and nuts.

A Filer
While most pipe cutting tools do their best at getting a clean cut, sometimes you end up with a rough edge. A metal filer will help smooth these areas out and help prevent any accidents from sharp parts occurring.

De-clogging & Leaks

For any leaks that may occur at joint connections, you’ll want to have some PTFE tape on hand, also known as plumbers tape. This tape is waterproof and very strong.

Plungers are also great to have on hand for any clogging of toilets, sinks, or tubs.

Plumbing Contractor in Pasadena

While some plumbing issues can be handled on your own with these plumbing tools, it’s also important to know when to call a professional plumber for the job. If you feel that you may not be qualified for completing the job, stop right there and call a plumber. Trying to fix something on your own without the proper knowledge could lead to more issues that will cost you more time and money. If you’ve got a job you can’t handle, don’t hesitate to call New Generation Plumbing for a guaranteed job well done.