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Hiring a plumber for your home or office is obviously something we would rather not have to do in our lifetime, but it is an inevitable piece of maintaining your property. For this reason, not everyone has a go-to plumber in their neighborhood, which can make it difficult to decide on who to trust. Most plumbers are also called upon for emergencies and typically charge higher rates to do the job, while other plumbing contractors may require an advance notice up to a few weeks for the same emergency calls. For this reason, it’s important to become acquainted with the plumbing companies in your area and keep up on regular plumbing maintenance in order to avoid those costly emergencies. While you begin your search, here are a few questions to ask to help find the right plumber for you.


Like most professions, working in the plumbing industry requires that you obtain your plumbing license. This certification proves that you have performed the required government testing attuned to your state or county and are certified to complete certain plumbing tasks. This test is also reissued every year in order to ensure that plumbers are up to date on new codes, techniques, or practices. Another reason to hire a licensed plumber is that it may save you more money in the long run. If an unlicensed plumber performs a job that does not meet certain building codes, you may be subject to a fine or end up with a big project to fix. In the end, it’s best to keep things legal and professional.


Insurance is another important factor for plumbers to have. With insurance, plumbers can take on jobs that involve risk and you can be free from the worry of unexpected costs if accidents occur. It also ensures the professional level of a plumber — with insurance they are saying they are willing to take on the job and are covered without having to inconvenience you or question liability.


Continuing the topic of licensing and insurance, it is possible for a plumbing contractor to be licensed and insured, but not their workers. For the same reasons listed above, it’s important to make sure that even the employees/subcontractors under your hired plumbing contractor are licensed and insured as well.


Plumbers who’ve been working in the plumbing industry for some time are likely to have many references and credentials. Any good plumber would be happy to send you client references because they should have nothing to hide. Checking on references can help you get a better idea of the work this plumber has done and the positive or negative experiences their clients have had with them. In addition to references, a good plumber is likely keeping up with building their credentials, such as being a part of a plumber’s union or local plumber organizations. This shows dedication to their trade and a willingness to improve.


Most plumbers will assess the situation or need and provide you with an estimate before starting a project. However, diagnosing the problem is half the battle and is typically met with a fee. This is highly reasonable as it takes time and effort to come to your home or place of business and assess the problem. Before you invite them over, be sure you understand that you will likely be paying a fee and how much that fee will be.

Emergency Services

It’s not a bad idea to have two plumbing companies on hand, as not all of them adhere to 24-hour service work. Those that do 24-hour emergency work will likely only specialize in this area. You may want to do your research for a regular maintenance plumber and one that will answer those emergency calls. While you’re at it, asking what a typical response time is for that company is also an important factor. Some plumbing issues require immediate service, so finding a plumber who has a quick response time might end up saving you loads of money and time in the long run.

Finding the right plumber is just as important to your home or business as deciding what color to paint the walls. It all plays a part in the comfort of your space and helps things run smoothly. At New Generation Plumbing we offer 24/7 emergency repair services, licensed technicians, a warranty on all replacement parts, and a free estimate with an appointment. If you’re still searching for the right plumber in LA, why not give us a try? Give us a call at 323-274-4863 or visit our website to find out more today.