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When doing a kitchen remodel, one of the first steps you should take is to plan which utilities you will need and where you want to place them. If the new kitchen design is similar to the old one you will save a lot of work. In many cases, however, some rerouting of utilities will still be needed. On the other hand, if you are doing a total remodel, you will clearly need to rethink your utility placement. If you ever run into problems with your new utility hookups, just call your emergency plumber in Highland Park.


The kitchen sink must be connected to water supplies; it also needs to run hot and cold, and it needs a waste pipe. Dishwashers need supply and waste pipes as well– their pipes are often extended from the sink plumbing, which is why you usually find these two appliances right next to each other in the kitchen. If for some reason, you want to alter your waste pipes (to move the dishwasher further away, for example) you may need to notify your local building inspector.

If you ever run into plumbing issues with your sink or dishwasher hookups, just call your emergency plumber in Highland Park at New Generation Plumbing!

Natural Gas or Propane Appliances

One of the most important decisions you will make for your new kitchen is whether any existing gas lines need rerouting or adjusting. Always check the connections on your new gas appliances, because in some cases, the supply pipes may need to be converted.

Electrical Appliances

When we say, “electrical appliances,” you probably think of toasters, microwaves, coffeemakers, and other countertop appliances which require standard outlets above the countertops. Make sure you have enough of those outlets and that they are well-placed. In addition, “large appliances may need to be connected to special outlets that run 220 volts [diynetwork.]”

When your layout has been set (including a plan for lighting,) then you can plan how to reroute the electrical wiring. If you have the know-how, you can do the rewiring yourself.


Lighting design is a whole article unto itself. In general, you should aim to combine overall illumination for the room with focused lighting for tasks such as dishwashing and food prep. You could also add ambiance lighting for entertaining in the kitchen. Lighting can be installed in the ceiling, in and under cabinets, and as part of range hoods.

Plumbing for Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen needs a utility sink, or possibly an outdoor faucet for a wet bar. You can incur additional costs if you add a hot water line, need to prevent winter pipes from freezing, and install separate piping to outlet the wastewater to your home’s drainage system.

If you plan your outdoor kitchen closest to your home, it will be easier to tie the pipes to your existing home system. For help with plumbing for your outdoor kitchen, contact your emergency plumber in Highland Park at New Generation Plumbing!

How to Redesign Your Kitchen

According to DIY Network, you should refurbish your kitchen in this order to maximize efficiency and savings.

  1. Reroute electrical wiring, if necessary
  2. Reroute plumbing, including gas pipes, if necessary
  3. Complete structural work on walls, ceilings, and floors
  4. Install base cabinets then wall cabinets
  5. Install countertops and backsplash
  6. Install sink and plumbing fixtures
  7. Install stove (or separate stove and oven)
  8. Install exhaust fan
Emergency Plumber in Highland Park

Plumbing issues don’t always come at convenient hours. New Generation Plumbing in Highland Park, Los Angeles offers emergency plumbing as well as sewer and drain cleaning, rooter services, and copper repiping among their many plumbing services. Instead of going through the hassle of pipe replacement, consider New Generation’s pipe lining service, which repairs your old pipes! Why pay more? Learn about Special Offers and Contact New Generation Today!