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Losing hot water in your bathroom can be quite the nuisance. Nobody wants to start their morning with a cold shower, never mind having to troubleshoot a plumbing problem. There are a few reasons why your bathroom may be having trouble getting hot water. To diagnose this issue, you should contact your emergency plumber in Highland Park, New Generation Plumbing.

Old Pipes

If the rest of your home has hot water, and the bathroom seems to be the only target issue, it’s probably due to your pipes or pipe line. You may not know it, but your pipes could potentially be corroded and causing the halting of water-flow, especially if you have a really old home. Corroding of pipes usually happens from the inside out and can be caused by certain minerals in the water. This is most commonly found in areas where the water is hard. This corrosion causes the water-flow to stop and pipes will most likely need to be examined and replaced.

Pipe Line

If your pipes seem to be working just fine and there isn’t any sign of corrosion, it’s possible that the issue is your pipe line. Sometimes when a water heater is placed on the opposite end of an area that receives hot water, the water may be cooling down too much before it reaches its destination. An emergency plumber in Highland Park can inspect the path of the pipe line for you and see if it is set up in the most efficient way. The pathway of a pipe line can sometimes travel into areas where there is less insulation or exposed to very cold temperatures. In order to fix this problem, your plumber may suggest you install another water heater closer to the bathroom or try insulating your pipe line.

Pipe Leak

The problem doesn’t seem to be corroded pipes or the pipe line — what do we check now? The final step with checking the pipes is to make sure there isn’t a leak occurring. You can usually determine a pipe leak by examining them carefully and checking your water pressure.

A Partially Closed Valve

The benefit of valves in pipe lines is that it allows you to turn off water-flow when a repair is required. It is not uncommon for pipe lines to be left partially closed after a plumbing job, and it is quite a simple fix. You’ll be able to find the valve by following the pipe line from the bathroom to the water heater and simply open it up again.

Plumbers will also install a temperature regulating valve, which regulates the temperature of the water, making sure it is not too hot or cold. Adjusting this valve might be the only thing you need to worry about!

Clogged Faucet

When the lack of hot water seems to be targeted to your faucet, it’s likely that minerals have accumulated inside, causing it to clog. It’s important to note that while the cold water-flow may be running just fine, clogging resists hot water-flow because high temperatures cause more mineral deposit. If your place of residence has a history of hard water and this seems to be the issue, call New Generation Plumbing and we’ll send over the best emergency plumber in Highland Park to get your faucet pumping like new again. In addition, your plumber may find that your faucet is just misadjusted, and a few tweaks should do the trick.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can definitely affect hot water reaching your bathroom. The good thing is that this is easily tested by using a pressure meter. If the pressure of the water coming out of your bathroom faucet is the same as the pressure of the water heater, then you can bypass this probability.

Water Heater

In addition to examining the pipeline pathway to measure the distance of the water heater to the bathroom, you may also want to examine the water heater itself. It’s possible that you need to upgrade the size of your water heater in order to fit the needs of your home. If this is the issue, though, you will likely experience a lack of hot water in other areas of your home.

Emergency Plumber in Highland Park

Don’t take the chance of ordering a whole new pipe line for your home — consult New Generation Plumping first to find the root of your problem. With our expert team of emergency plumbers in Highland Park, we will get you back to the comforts of a hot shower in no time.