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Households depend on plumbing every day. The average American family uses around 400 gallons of water per day, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 70% of water is used indoors which encompasses all kitchen, washing machine, and bathroom water usage. Households depend heavily on these areas of the home every day. Functionality is key when it comes to household plumbing. Over time, mistakes can be made that can bring these home essentials to a halt. It is important to stay educated on your plumbing system to avoid future problems. No one ever intends on having surprise plumbing problems. Surprises are only enjoyable when you’re at a birthday party. Plumbing blunders are never a party scenario. Here are some of the top plumbing mistakes that may take some homeowners by surprise.

Harmful Household Items Down the Drain

First off, drains are a crucial part of a functioning plumbing system. Homeowners may face trouble when they put harmful products down their drains. Household drainage systems can be damaged by a range of different harmful household items. Fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, grease, fats, and oils are some of the leading causes of clogged drains. Through daily bathroom use, drains can become clogged by hair products, soaps, oils, flushable wipes, cotton balls, and even medications. All items listed are essentially on the “No-Fly list” of your household’s drainage system. Keep your drains happy by throwing all these items in the trash and not your drains!

Harsh Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners were created to clear your drains. Misuse and overuse are two factors that can transform helpful drain cleaners into the drainage system’s enemy number one. Some homeowners armed with a drain cleaner can present a dangerous situation. Drain cleaners are made of harsh chemicals meant to break down and clear drain buildup. Often times, the cleaner’s harsh properties can wear drains down. If the blockage is a partial clog, the drain cleaner might glide right by the clog and ignore the problem. It is much more effective to invest in a professional job than to blindly pour chemicals down the drain.

Mistreating Plumbing Fixtures

People often mistreat their fixtures. Faucets typically take the brunt of the abuse with daily kitchen and bathroom use. Repeated pushing and pulling on a faucet handle can create leaks over time. Shower heads also feel the pressure as shower caddies pull down on the fixture. The weight of shampoos and other heavy shower products can weigh down the shower head and potentially break it right off. Treat your plumbing fixtures with care can prolong their use and negate future plumbing issues.

Ignoring Plumbing Problems

It is common for households to ignore plumbing problems, but this only leads to more costly expenses down the line. A small leak can soon become a larger leak if left unaddressed. Problems will worsen with time. Any plumbing complications are cause for concern. Don’t wait for a problem to disappear. At New Generation Plumbing, we believe in addressing plumbing issues head-on with a professional. Get the job done correctly with one of our trained plumbing specialists today.

At Home Plumbing Jobs

Many times at home plumbing jobs can make a problem worse. Do it yourself plumbing is rarely a good idea. Certain jobs can be more complicated than initially presumed. Plumbing pipes and fixtures have many pieces which can cause confusion when putting them back together. This may present a difficult task for those not trained or educated in the field. Some may think they are saving money by embarking on their own plumbing journey, but errors and mistakes may create a much worse situation. Skip the hassle and call New Generation’s plumbing experts to help you with your plumbing problems.